Biomarker Health Status

BiophysicalCore® is a robust blood assessment that goes above and beyond typical blood tests to provide a comprehensive view of your biochemistry. If you are concerned about your health or wish to know more about your current state of well-being and what you can do to prevent disease, the BiophysicalCore is for you. With one blood draw, we examine 90 biomarkers that can be early indicators of numerous conditions and diseases, including cardiovascular disease, cancer, metabolic disorders, autoimmune disease, hormonal imbalances and nutritional deficiencies. Most often, guests find this test illuminating and it allows us to develop a plan to optimize your health.

This service includes:

  • 25-minute initial assessment with a nurse
  • Blood draw on-site
  • Comprehensive report and interpretative findings of your results
  • 50-minute follow-up phone consultation with the physician to discuss results and develop treatment plans as necessary
Service Option