Bio-Swiss Oxygen

These super-charged products contain active ingredients such as oxygen, pure vitamin C, Co-Q10 and Bio-Swiss Organic Botanicals, blended into pure, powerful, clean formulas to help keep your skin looking and feeling radiant.

Ageless Oxygen Boost

The next generation of skin care – pharmaceutical results in pure, preservative-free formulas. A hybrid of medical grade bioactives and Bio-Swiss certified extracts are blended to pure perfection for a gold standard treatment. With unsurpassed power to protect the skin from aging and environmental damage, this treatment builds collagen and elastin, increases cell turnover and hydrates, restoring the skin’s youthful glow. Includes a double cleanse, deeply hydrating massage, and application of a serum especially chosen for your skin’s needs, and ends with an oxygen infusion. (Extractions performed as necessary.)

  • $230 for 50 minutes
Ageless Oxygen Boost … The Ultimate!

Enjoy our Ageless Oxygen Facial, but with an added boost. This “ultimate” treatment also includes a collagen mask and a 20-minute oxygen infusion. (Extractions are performed as necessary.)

  • $295 for 80 minutes