Treat yourself to perfectly groomed hands and nails.

Spa Manicure

Enjoy a luxurious custom-blend manicure ritual that promotes healthy nails using products that make your nails strong, flexible and resilient – just as nature intended.

  • $60 for 45 minutes
Buff Manicure

This healthy approach to nail care provides a flawless, protective shine that lasts for days. A natural, nonabrasive formula prevents nails from splitting and peeling, with dramatic results you can maintain at home.

  • $70 for 25 minutes
Gel Effects Manicure
Say goodbye to nicks, chips and smudges. Enjoy all the essentials of a perfect spa manicure finished with a breakthrough gel polish that combines the ease of polish with the permanence of gels.
  • $80 for 50 minutes
Mani on the Go

Enjoy this convenient treatment that will have you on the go pronto with beautifully polished and groomed nails.

  • $50 for 25 minutes
Gentlemen's Manicure

This treatment provides hydration and exfoliation using products that appeal to a gentleman’s senses. Includes a file, soak, groom, massage and buff.

  • $50 for 25 minutes