Body Wraps

Experience the warm, muscle-melting embrace of a body wrap.

Detoxifying Herbal Wrap
Herbal therapies help relieve muscle stiffness and joint soreness, promote relaxation and aid in detoxification. You’ll be wrapped in warm, steamy sheets soaked in herbs and receive a brief, calming massage to the face and scalp. Combine with a massage for the ultimate experience.
  • $90 for 25 minutes
Detoxifying Organic Seaweed Wrap

This nutrient-rich seaweed wrap deeply detoxifies, moisturizes and supports skin renewal. Gentle compressions using an essential oil blend calm the mind, followed by a refreshing foot cleanse. After a kelp exfoliation, you are wrapped in seaweed leaves and enjoy a relaxing scalp massage. Your treatment concludes with an application of a silky blend of wild seaweed extract and organic essentials to help improve skin tone and elasticity.

  • $330 for 100 minutes
Lavender Relax

The calming properties of lavender create a powerfully soothing effect, while shea butter intensely moisturizes the skin, creating deep relaxation and promoting restful sleep. Includes a micro-buff exfoliation infused with lavender essential oil. Available as a 50-minute service with a light application of the shea butter, or treat yourself to a 100-minute service, which includes a 50-minute massage.

  • $175 for 50 minutes
    $320 for 100 minutes
Moor Mud Wrap
This mineral and trace element-rich Austrian mud eases aches and nurtures skin. Warm mud is allowed to penetrate while the head, neck and feet are massaged and a scalp-conditioning treatment is applied. After a rinse, your treatment concludes with an application of a rich body lotion.
  • $175 for 50 minutes