Robert Pollock, M.A.

Healing Energy Practitioner, Canyon Ranch in Lenox

Robert joined Canyon Ranch in 2005. He holds a bachelor’s degree from George Washington University and master’s degree from Catholic University. Robert has been trained in Reconnective Healing and Healing Touch, which he has been actively practicing for over 25 years.

Robert specializes in helping guests grow and change. His specialties include de-stressing and diffusing energy blocks, clearing chakras, and introducing positive energy patterns to the consciousness as templates for empowerment and growth. Robert strives to help guests establish connections to higher aspects of their consciousness, giving clients the tools needed to sustain the sense of well-being they achieved during their Healing Energy session.

Robert enjoys makings frequent trips to Egypt and Israel, and has meditated in an Essene cave in Qumran Israel where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found.