The ultimate healthy habit – at an incredible savings

Love the way you feel at Canyon Ranch? You can feel this great for life. It’s all about making positive lifestyle choices. You can start with a Canyon Ranch Centennial Membership in Lenox.

If you plan to return annually to Canyon Ranch, membership is for you. As a member, you’re making a lasting commitment to healthy living – and, of course, blissful vacationing – by giving yourself the gift of 70 nights at the world’s premier health resort over the next seven years at a great savings.

Your Healthy Investment

As a member, you’ll enjoy the first 10 nights at no charge for room, meals and spa. Then, you’re guaranteed a savings of 50% off the nightly rate for the remaining 60 nights of your seven-year Membership. And Membership is flexible – you can carry over unused nights into the next year or accelerate your use of them. You can even transfer your nights to friends or family, or use part of them at Canyon Ranch in Tucson.

A Canyon Ranch Membership is the perfect way to fulfill your healthy intentions – and could be the best investment you ever make.

Benefits of Membership

When you purchase a seven-year Centennial Membership in Lenox, your benefits include:

  • No charge for room, meals and spa use during your first 10 nights
  • 50% off the nightly rates during the remaining 60 nights of your membership
  • 10% percent off all services
  • 10% off all non-membership stays
  • Option to use 50% of your nights at Canyon Ranch in Tucson

Joy & Inspiration, Year After Year

A Centennial Membership in Lenox ensures that you’ll maintain your commitment to healthy living with regular stays at this life-enhancing haven. Between visits, you carry the inspiration from your last experience and can look forward to the next. You’ll enjoy the peace of mind of knowing there’s a stress-free environment that supports your health and enjoyment of life in every possible way. And you’ll know that your good health, like Canyon Ranch, can span decades.

A Canyon Ranch Membership is an invaluable pathway to health, joy and vitality – and it’s an incredible value.

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Membership discounts may not be used in conjunction with other discounts or specials. Some restrictions and blackout dates apply; see Membership documents for details.