Uncovering Recovery: Celebrating Renewal

June 26, 2014 to June 29, 2014

How can you protect your healthy intentions, and avoid the tripwires of your biggest obstacles to healthy living? After all, persistent cravings, compulsions and addictions (even to cellphones!) are always a challenge. This educational and informative event is designed to present the best combined knowledge of Canyon Ranch experts in medicine, life management, nutrition and Eastern medicine and more.

Celebrate self-renewal with us in a healthful environment, and move forward with your highest intentions. 

This event includes a wide range of presentations, such as:

  • Physiology & Psychology of Addiction with Cindy Geyer, MD, and Jeffrey Rossman, PhD.
  • Acupuncture to Curb Cravings & Habits with Kelly Clady-Giramma, LAc.
  • Fireside Gathering with Rev. Kim Crawford-Harvie.
  • Panel Discussion: Integrative Medicine & Addictions Recovery.
  • Lunch & Learn: Mindful Eating.
  • Hosted meetings to provide information about 12-step recovery programs, daily at 5 p.m.; everyone is welcome.

Please note that Uncovering Recovery: Celebrating Renewal is not an addictions treatment program, nor is Canyon Ranch a provider of detoxification or rehabilitation from addiction.