Holiday TLC for You: Protecting Your Healthy Intentions

November 14, 2013 to November 17, 2013

As you navigate the joys and stressors of the holidays, how can you avoid the tripwires of your biggest obstacles to healthy living? After all, persistent cravings, compulsions and addictions (even to cellphones!) are always a challenge.

Learn ways to take care of you. With the guidance of Canyon Ranch professionals and featured guest presenters, learn how addictions are defined, and discover short- and long-term strategies for “recovery” of all kinds to protect your highest intentions.

This event includes a wide range of presentations, such as:

  • Physiology & Psychology of Addiction with Cindy Geyer, M.D., and Jeffrey Rossman, Ph.D.
  • Acupuncture for All Addictions with Kelly Clady-Giramma, L.Ac.
  • Fireside Gathering with Rev. Kim Crawford-Harvie
  • Wealth & Recovery with David Powell, Ph.D.
  • Panel Discussion: Integrative Medicine as a Complement to Recovery


Take Care of You