Ayurveda: The Science of Life - featuring Ashish Pandya

August 7, 2015 to August 9, 2015
Humanitarian and educator Ashish Pandya will share his wisdom and expertise about ayurveda. In a series of presentations, he’ll describe how this ancient and still-thriving approach to life and healing can enhance your overall wellness and fulfillment:

Thursday. Ancient Wisdom: Ayurveda & Life. Learn how ayurvedic aspects surround and influence you every day. With a little insight and attention, it can transform your inner and external life. 

Friday. Breath. Your first act of life was a breath in, and your last will be a breath out; this is life. Explore and practice different breathing techniques to enrich your body with this life force called prana or chi.

Saturday: Mind. All your experiences each day are perceived through your mind. Through meditation, you can attend to this aspect of life, enhancing observation, perception and expression. Creating harmony within helps bring harmony to all your relationships.

Sunday. Sound, Vibrations & Meditation. Different sounds affect your physiology in specific ways. Experience the ancient technique of sound meditation to bring forth the radiance of your being.