Optimal Health Consultation

Experience truly modern medicine. Integrating the best conventional and complementary approaches, a Canyon Ranch physician guides you toward optimal health using the insights of both Western and non-Western medicine. Address your overall health and specific concerns, such as cardiovascular risk factors, to help you prevent heart disease and possibly reverse existing conditions. In addition, you may discuss other health issues and be provided with recommendations about laboratory tests that will provide a comprehensive view of your health. For an initial consultation, 50 minutes is recommended. A 25-minute consultation is available for limited, specific health issues.

Note: Your physician may recommend laboratory tests for an additional fee. Some lab results may not be finalized until after your departure. In this case, we will schedule a medical phone consultation to review the results and discuss treatment options, as appropriate. For maximum benefit, this phone consult needs to occur within six months of the laboratory test.

Service Option 
$245 for 25 minutes
$450 for 50 minutes