Wellness Services At Home

Between visits, we’re here for you! You can follow up with any of our staff via phone, email or Skype, and booking appointments is easy. Consider Canyon Ranch @Home: Weight Loss for a more structured weight loss program. Find answers to your questions, report on progress, receive encouragement and get expert advice and coaching at your convenience.


The Canyon Ranch @Home: Weight Loss program is a subscription-based program that offers a series of live, one-on-one video coaching sessions with Canyon Ranch experts, delivered conveniently online. There are articles, tips and advice from professionals you know and trust, delicious recipes created by our chefs, and exclusive videos that provide more information and inspiration in support of healthy weight goals. Plus, easy-to-use tools and trackers can be accessed online and synched with personal fitness devices.

We designed this program to our exacting standards – to deliver results that last a lifetime! The Canyon Ranch @Home: Weight Loss program will allow you to benefit from personalized coaching at your convenience, keep on track and stay connected to the Ranch.

For information and to subscribe, visit canyonranchathome.com or call 888-872-5533.

  • subscription required
Home Consultation Experts Include:
  • Chinese medicine practitioners
  • Exercise physiologists
  • Life Management therapists
  • Metaphysical service providers
  • Movement therapists
  • Nutritionists
  • Physicians
  • Spiritual service providers

Anytime during your stay, you can arrange at-home coaching in advance with individual staff members through Program Advising or at the Health & Healing reception desk.

To schedule an appointment from home,
please call 888-873-0333.

  • times & fees vary