For many of us, cultivating a spiritual existence is vital to living a balanced and healthy life. Our Canyon Ranch spiritual practitioners use transformative, mindful and sacred practices to enhance this connection – such as spiritual guidance and dialogue, ritual and ceremony, affirmation, spiritual meditation and healing. Our Spirituality team will draw on Eastern and Western religious and spiritual traditions as needed to ensure the communication of universal wisdom. Divine virtues, such as forgiveness, compassion and generosity, may also be interwoven into your experiences.

Additionally, we encourage you to take time during your stay to open your senses to nature’s grace and beauty. Follow the Spirit Walk, which guides you through five spiritual locations around the Ranch, such as our beautiful labyrinth. Deeply breathe in the brilliant mountain air, and attend to the plant and animal life all around you. While you are with us, you will find the abundance of spirit is all around you at Canyon Ranch.
Rite of Passage
This powerful session will be customized to assist you through your significant life change, choice or transition. Through dialogue and personalized ceremony, your Rite of Passage will help you celebrate, commemorate, release, unite or reconcile. Rites can be celebrated by one or two people.
  • $220 for 50 minutes
Sacred Body
Explore how your lifestyle and beliefs can support your body in being a vehicle for the soul and spirit. Through centering and awareness, you will learn to step into personal alignment of body, mind, heart and spirit. This session may include the creation of a daily ritual for the expression of sacredness in your life.
  • $220 for 50 minutes
Soul Journey

Gain insight and intuition that can create healing as it transports you to a higher state of consciousness, awareness and understanding. Your Soul Journey is guided using imagery, music, breath and vibrational tools to create a sacred space for you to receive these emotional, mental and spiritual gifts.

  • $220 for 50 minutes
Spiritual Dialogue

Spiritual Dialogue focuses on the human quest for a spiritually meaningful life. Through conversation, intuitive tools and guidance, this session will help you explore your spiritual path, and find new ways to integrate spirituality into your daily life. No matter what your faith or level of spiritual experience or belief, this session can help you deepen your personal spiritual practice.

  • $220 for 50 minutes