Medical Services

Canyon Ranch Medicine is a new paradigm of health care, one that is comprehensive in scope and expansive in treatment options. Our board-certified physicians search for the underlying cause of disorders, and uncover the patterns that may be working to influence your health. We’ll help you plan for the long term. Your personal map to wellness will be designed based on your history and cutting-edge laboratory data, and may include both conventional Western allopathic medicine, as well as non-traditional treatments (herbs, supplements, acupuncture, mind-body, etc.). We will be happy to share information with your physician at home, at your request, and at-home phone follow-ups with your Canyon Ranch physician are available.

Note: We suggest that you book medical services early in your stay so you’ll have time for testing and follow-up care if necessary.

Meet with an integrative medicine physician and find the health care you’ve been looking for.

Most disease processes are caused by an interaction between genetics, lifestyle and environment.

Adequate, restful sleep is one of the foundations of health. Sleep better with the help of an expert.

Sometimes it’s difficult to talk about this vital part of life – a caring Canyon Ranch expert can help.

Our superb staff is here to help you feel better – get assessed by the best.

Nowhere else will you find complete diagnostic testing at your convenience.