Transformation From Within

We offer a variety of fascinating ways to explore your inner world.


Hypnosis is a natural phenomenon of the mind that increases openness to positive change. Some common applications include habit management, smoking cessation, sleep improvement, stress reduction, athletic and work performance, attitude change, and grief and loss. The session includes physical and mental relaxation, imagery, and suggestions for healthy transformation. Multiple sessions may be useful in achieving specific goals.

  • $185 for 50 minutes
    $370 for 100 minutes
Inner Journey

Gain access to the rich reservoir of memories, images and feelings within. Using hypnosis, a therapist helps you explore past messages and beliefs still operating in your life, as well as symbolism suggesting what may lie ahead. This insight can free you from limiting patterns of behavior, deepen your connection to the sacred and enhance your capacity to consciously direct your life.

  • $360 for 100 minutes
Lifemapping: A Training in Holistic Thinking & Problem-Solving

Gain fluency in mindmapping, a practical and exciting take-home tool for identifying needs, dreams and new possibilities. Learn to access your innermost wisdom and literally chart a new course of action or bring clarity to an old one using a creative, whole-brain technique.

  • $160 for 50 minutes