Modern assessment tools provide insights that can help you improve your life.

Attention & Memory Enhancement

Your ability to focus attention and remember important details is essential to functioning at your peak. Many factors affect these capacities, including aging, emotions and lifestyle habits. Research indicates that you can improve brain function with lifestyle changes and carefully selected cognitive strategies and stimulation. In this two-session consultation, you will learn how to improve your ability to process and remember new information.

Part I – Engage in a series of attention and memory assessments. 100 minutes.

Part II – Receive a comprehensive report detailing your test results and recommendations for improving your attention and memory skills. 50 minutes.

  • $675 for Parts I and II
Cognitive Assessment

When you understand your cognitive abilities and skills, you can align a strategy for brain longevity and vitality. Choose this service to learn how stress affects your cognitive abilities, and explore how your cognition affects your sleep style and lifestyle. Engage in a series of computer-based exercises designed to assess your cognitive style. At the conclusion of the session you’ll receive a detailed plan for maintaining or improving your cognition.

  • $555 for 100 minutes
Emotional Intelligence

How self-aware, empathetic and socially adept are you? The Emotional Intelligence Assessment, which measures a range of key strengths and vulnerabilities in handling emotion, is a proven predictor of success in the workplace. You’ll complete a questionnaire, then a licensed therapist will meet with you to discuss your personal profile and recommendations.

  • $190 for 100 minutes
Exploring Your Personality

Your personality plays a major role in determining success in your career and work relationships.

Part I – Meet with a licensed therapist and complete a personality assessment questionnaire. 25 minutes.

Part II – With your therapist, review a comprehensive report providing you with specific, personal feedback and recommendations about handling emotions, relating to others and achieving your goals. 50 minutes.

  • $445 for Parts I and II