Nutritional Lab Evaluations

Note: An initial consultation with a physician is required for more complex issues to best determine your clinical needs and healthy outcomes. Minor health issues can be evaluated by our nutritionists who may recommend specific laboratory testing. Laboratory fees and physician consultations are priced separately and are in addition to the services with our nutritionists. Your Canyon Ranch physician and nutritionist will collaborate to create personal recommendations regarding preventive medicine, optimal foods and nutritional supplements for you. These services encompass:

Part I – Physician assessment and follow-up (fees vary)

Part II – Laboratory testing (additional cost)

Part III – Nutrition assessment and follow-up (fees vary)
Digestive Analysis

This test evaluates several components of bowel function, including digestion, nutrient absorption and bowel ecology. It can be useful for people with irritable bowel symptoms, and for those with autoimmune disorders, inflammatory diseases or energy-deficit conditions such as chronic fatigue syndrome or fibromyalgia. A Canyon Ranch physician and nutritionist follow up by phone to assess your symptoms, evaluate your lab results and make food and supplement recommendations to rebalance and restore healthy function.

  • fees vary
    50 minutes
Food Allergy/Sensitivity Testing

Food allergies and sensitivities can cause many common problems ranging from poor digestion, gas and bloating to headaches, joint pain and lack of energy. This two-part service evaluates your sensitivity to many common foods. A nutritionist evaluates your lab results (after you have met with a Canyon Ranch physician) and creates an effective eating plan to manage your food sensitivities.

  • $155 for 50 minutes
Individual Nutrition Lab Analysis

This comprehensive blood analysis evaluates indicators of nutritional status and function, including amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, toxic metals, oxidative stress, energy-cycle metabolites and bowel-ecology markers.

  • fees vary
    50 minutes