Lifetime Nutrition

It’s easy to eat right at the Ranch, but what happens after you leave? Our nutritionists can show you how to make great food choices every day.

Healthy Eating Consultation

Get expert advice on the basics of everyday nutrition, and how best to feed yourself and your family for optimal health and well-being. This entry-level consultation may be customized to suit your needs: Focus on fueling your body for exercise, dining out or plant-based eating. The nutritionist can provide you with guidance to manage stress through a healthy diet and offer tips for portion control. Frequently addressed topics include:

  • Clean eating
  • Dining on the go
  • Eating for exercise
  • Eating well at college
  • Feeding healthy kids
  • Practical portions
  • Sleep
  • Stress
  • Underweight
  • Vegan diets
  • Vegetarian diets

Note: If you have health concerns, please schedule a Healing Foods consultation.

  • $145 for 50 minutes
Menus by Design

The ultimate in custom take-home menu design. A Canyon Ranch nutritionist assesses your needs, lifestyle and goals, then produces a tasty, balanced, customized menu cycle, complete with recipes, to meet your individual nutritional needs and preferences. Your custom menus may address a specific health concern, eating for optimal health and well-being or any other concern you may have. Your nutritionist can create menu cycles for one, two or more weeks.

Note: Includes only initial consultation with a nutritionist. Final cost varies depending on the length and complexity of menus. Suggested menus will be custom-prepared and delivered to you.

  • fees vary
Mind Over Mealtime

There is growing scientific evidence that your diet influences your mood and behavior. In this two-part session, discover how the foods you eat affect your emotions and daily actions, and learn practical tips for overcoming complex issues to create a healthier diet and a happier life.

Part I – A nutritionist will meet with you to assess your current diet and recommend ways to optimize your nutrient intake and transition to a more mindful, balanced diet. You’ll review weight loss, meal timing, triggers of emotional eating, relationship with food, and information about the role of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. 50 minutes.

Part II – A Life Management practitioner will address the emotional dynamics underlying your approach to food. You’ll receive practical skills to transform the negative cycle of complicated triggers, compulsions and guilt about eating into a balanced experience of peaceful anticipation, mindfulness and satisfaction. 50 minutes.

  • $310 for Parts I and II
Nourish Your Strength

Optimizing your protein intake to support metabolism is critical in terms of performance and muscle growth. Meet with a nutritionist to develop a dietary plan focused on eating before, during and after exercise. Learn about the dynamics of hydration, food combining, blood sugar and energy support.

Note: This session may be taken singly, or as a follow-up to the Exercise Physiology Metabolic Assessment.

  • $155 for 50 minutes
Nutrition for Inner Beauty

Your skin is a true reflection of the adage “You are what you eat.” Antioxidants and other healing components in foods provide key nutrients to keep your skin vibrant. In this session, a nutritionist will perform an in-depth assessment of your skin, hair and nails, including physical exam and “zinc challenge” to determine any nutrients you may be missing. Recommendations will support your specific needs. If you have dry or irritated skin, brittle hair or nails, or just want to enhance already healthy skin, we can help you achieve radiance from the inside out.

  • $155 for 50 minutes