Oriental Medicine

Oriental medicine is an ancient body of knowledge and practice that offers widely respected complementary approaches to holistically maintaining wellness and promoting life-balance.


The combination of acupuncture, an ancient form of holistic Chinese medicine, and a therapeutic massage helps to balance and heal your body. This treatment is particularly good for musculoskeletal pain and stress-related problems. The effects are usually immediate and can be long-lasting. This service typically involves the use of needles.

  • $190 for 50 minutes

Get a head-start on your vacation. If it usually takes you a few days to unwind and get your feet on the ground, consider beginning your stay with a calming, de-stressing acupuncture treatment that centers the heart and mind and establishes a natural state of euphoria. This is a delightful introduction to an ancient medical art.

  • $190 for 50 minutes

Experience enhanced healing and a more balanced state of being. This ancient Chinese modality, endorsed by the National Institutes of Health, is useful in addressing problems such as musculoskeletal pain, arthritis, migraines, tension headaches, asthma, tendonitis and fatigue, and as an aid in preventing illness and promoting longevity. A session with a licensed acupuncturist helps balance the body’s energy (chi), stimulates natural healing processes and provides a deep state of relaxation while relieving stress, depression, sleep disturbances and the side effects of smoking-cessation. If you prefer, you may experience bio-magnetic acupuncture using magnets instead of needles.

  • $190 for 50 minutes
Acupuncture For Healthy Weight

This complementary therapy is for individuals who are developing healthy nutritional and exercise habits. This session delivers a specialized type of acupuncture that’s used extensively in China for decreasing food cravings while increasing energy and digestive efficiency. The technique employs abdominal needles with mild electrical stimulation, includes an extensive health consultation, and may include herbal recommendations. This is a full body/mind-balancing treatment that can jump-start the body’s ability to move toward a healthier weight. Two or more sessions close together are recommended for maximum benefit.

Note: Follow-up sessions are 50 minutes.

  • $400 for 100 minutes
Chinese Herbal Consultation

The world’s oldest continuously practiced form of herbal medicine uses potent healing formulas to treat arthritis, fatigue, high cholesterol, symptoms of menopause, PMS, migraines, asthma, stress and more. After a traditional evaluation that includes pulse and tongue diagnosis, a specialist in Chinese medicine offers herbal, dietary and lifestyle recommendations that address your needs. A detailed report on the herbs recommended will be sent to you.

Note: Follow-up can be provided by phone for an additional fee.

  • $205 for 50 minutes
Chinese Medicine Nutrition Consultation
The Chinese believe that food contains essence, and that all foods have bioenergetic or yin and yang qualities, in part determined by their flavor and innate warming or cooling properties. Emphasizing foods that promote balance in your system can greatly enhance your health and sense of well-being.

Part I – A licensed Chinese medicine practitioner will evaluate you for subtle imbalances in your energetic system. 50 minutes.

Part II – Using Chinese medicine diagnosis from Part I, a nutritionist identifies which foods will help to bring your body back into balance depending on their specific bioenergetic nature. 50 minutes.
  • $340 for Parts I and II
Oriental Facial Rejuvenation

Revitalize and rejuvenate your facial tissue at the cellular and energetic level with Chinese medical treatments. This comprehensive experience of Chinese medicine includes facial needles, massage, herbal poultice and, possibly, body acupuncture. Several treatments are recommended.

  • $340 for 110 minutes
Oriental Vitality

Explore and address the patterns of disharmony that may be keeping you from optimal health. This session allows for a comprehensive evaluation, acupuncture treatment, Chinese herbal recommendation and lifestyle consultation to help you achieve heightened vitality. Use this session to address all aspects of your health from musculoskeletal pain to internal health and emotional issues.

Note: Follow-up can be provided by phone for an additional fee.

  • $370 for 110 minutes
Therapeutic Qi Gong

Take home tools for better health and longevity. Therapeutic qi gong, an ancient meditative exercise system, is a foundation of all aspects of traditional Chinese medicine. A Chinese medicine practitioner assesses how best to harmonize and rebalance your internal and external energy fields, known as chi. Your customized qi gong exercises enable you to feel, cleanse, strengthen and integrate chi and may include posture, breathing, touch, sound vibration and visualization.

  • $190 for 50 minutes