Hiking is an ideal way to pursue fitness while enjoying the diverse natural beauty that surrounds Canyon Ranch in Lenox. At any time of year, the Berkshires offer a wonder-filled, challenging environment for fitness enthusiasts and a serene setting for contemplation.

Please contact Outdoor Sports at Ext. 5535 for more information.

Group Hikes

Enjoy the strikingly diverse natural beauty that surrounds Canyon Ranch. Hikes vary in length and terrain to accommodate all levels of fitness and experience. Guide service, packs, water, a meal or snack and transportation to trailheads are provided. Bring your hiking boots (preferably broken-in), a hat and extra layers of clothing in the fall and winter. Sign up: Spa Activity Board.

  • complimentary
Paint & Hike

Explore the connection between nature and art. Enjoy a private watercolor-painting lesson with a beautiful backdrop.

  • $100
Night Vision Goggle Experience

Observe our surroundings, the night sky and possibly even wildlife in a whole new light. Join us on a walk and we’ll view nature through night vision goggles.

  • $130
Photography Hike

Celebrate the beauty of New England and learn techniques for taking memorable photos of nature, art and architecture. Our photographer will share tricks of the trade, then you’ll get a chance to practice your skills at one of our local natural areas or historic estates. Digital cameras will be provided and you’ll receive a flash drive with your images to take home.

  • $100
Private Hikes

If you prefer a hike tailored to your interests, private hikes may be scheduled through the hiking department. Hikes can be customized for any focus, length, level of intensity, terrain and duration you prefer. 24 hours advance notice required.

  • fees vary