Group Bike Rides

Whether it's an aerobic workout you're looking for or just a casual road ride, our high quality hybrid bikes feature upright handlebars and easy gearing to make your ride more enjoyable while you view the scenic Berkshires. Our guided tours feature rides of various levels with distances anywhere from five to 25 miles.

  • complimentary
Group Mountain-Biking

There's no better view of the Berkshire woods than from the seat of a mountain bike. We offer rides from beginner to advanced.

  • complimentary
Biking On Your Own

Bicycles are available for independent use from May through October. (Availability varies subject to the needs of scheduled rides.) Inquire at the Outdoor Sports Desk or call Ext. 5535 between 8 am and 2 pm.

  • complimentary
Private Bike Tours

Personalized bike tours may be arranged for a fee.

  • times & fees vary
Bike Lesson

Want to learn to ride a bike? Want to learn to mountain bike, or improve your technique? Bike lessons may be arranged for a fee.

  • $125 for 50 minutes