Exercise & Movement

A well-rounded program of physical activities makes you more energetic, boosts your brain power, helps you handle stress, strengthens your immune system – and besides, it’s fun! Whether you’re a newbie or a pro, you’ll find something to excite you from our vast menu of activities and superb facilities.

Teen Services: Canyon Ranch welcomes guests ages 14-17 when accompanied by a parent or guardian. Please note that the accompanying parent or guardian must sign a consent form and book all services for guests under 18, and an adult must be present for most services. Ask your Program Advisor for details.

View the Teen Services Guide.

Mind-Body Private Training

Want to start a mind-body practice or enhance your current routine? Explore any of the following one-on-one sessions.

Ayurvedic Yoga Practice – Ayurveda and yoga are complementary systems of human development. Discover your basic dosha or constitutional type – vata, pitta, or kapha – and receive a customized program that will bring greater well-being to your life.

Breathing Practice – Proper breathing is vital to good health. Learn breathing and relaxation techniques to reduce muscular tension, improve circulation, reduce stress and foster overall well-being.

Meditation – A mind-body instructor leads you through techniques to develop your ability to let go and be in the moment. In addition, you learn strategies for applying meditation to daily life.

Qi Gong – This gentle Chinese mind-body practice integrates physical movements, coordinated breathing and meditation. Your trainer will teach you a series of movements that restore and balance chi – the life force – and release unhealthy inner tension and stress. A great tool for daily life.

Tai Chi – This form of Chinese mind-body exercise builds unity of mind, body and breath through slow, controlled martial arts movements. Tai chi serves to heighten chi – the life force or essence of your being.

Note: Check the Outdoor Sports Schedule for outdoor Tai Chi sessions.

Yoga Lesson – Interested in creating your own personal practice? An instructor helps you formulate goals and customize a yoga and breathing sequence tailored to your personal and physical needs for home or travel and corrects or enhances your poses while providing tips on proper alignment, breathing and intention.

  • $125 for 50 minutes
Personal Training Session
Customize your personalized session with a Fitness professional based on the workout you want to enjoy. Choose from any of our classes or fitness activities to get your heart pumping. Examples include:
  • Aquatic Training
  • Core Conditioning
  • Dance
  • Flexibility/Stretching
  • Strength Training
  • Swim Lessons
  • TRX® Suspension Training

Sessions can be booked individually, with a partner (semiprivate), or in small (3-5 people) and larger groups.

  • $125 for 50 minutes
Fitness on the Go

Do you struggle to keep up with your fitness routine while traveling, whether for work or pleasure? Let our fitness staff show you how to stay fit on the road using a small, portable fitness travel kit. Learn how each component works as you practice correct form and technique, and then take it home as our gift to you.

  • $160 for 50 minutes
Yoga on the Go

Learn a basic yoga practice and receive a take-home kit so that you can easily continue at home, in your hotel room or at the office. A specially designed Manduka™ travel mat, stretch strap and towel are included.

  • $160 for 50 minutes
Kangoo Jumps Clinic

Put the fun back into your fitness routine! Burn calories, improve endurance, help build bone mass, flush your lymphatic system, improve posture and relieve stress as you bound through a Kangoo Jumps training session. A basic level of fitness is recommended.

  • $125 for 50 minutes
Comprehensive Exercise Assessment

Explore your fitness level and learn how you can make improvements in your exercise program.

Part I – Whether you exercise regularly for fitness or are devoted to a sport, you can benefit from an expert analysis of your exercise program. Assessments, which may include aerobic capacity, muscle strength and endurance, flexibility, agility and body composition by skinfolds, will be chosen based on your level of fitness, exercise history and goals. 50 minutes.

Part II – An exercise physiologist reviews your test results with you and designs an individual program fine-tuned to your fitness level and goals. 50 minutes.

Note: We recommend that you book this service prior to arrival. This service is for apparently healthy people with no major risk factors for vascular or heart disease. Men over 45 and women over 55 need to speak with a Program Advisor about American College of Sports Medicine guidelines for taking this test. You may need to take a Cardiac Stress Test first with a physician. If you are an experienced exerciser or competitive athlete, you may want to explore ways to improve your peak performance by doing a Metabolic Exercise Assessment.

  • $280 for Parts I and II
Gyrotonic Expansion System

The word Gyrotonic® is derived from the words “gyro” (meaning spiral or circle) and “tonic” (meaning toning or invigorating). The Gyrotonic method is a revolutionary system of exercise that unlocks the rejuvenating powers of the body. The Gyrotonic machine guides and supports the whole body through a series of spiraling and undulating movements designed to systematically open the joints, integrate the spine and strengthen the muscles. Using a set of universal organizing principles, complex full-body coordination becomes strong and natural. Gyrotonic exercises reawaken natural healthy movement patterns to rapidly improve posture, joint and muscle function, circulation, elimination of toxins, and energy level. The Gyrotonic method can be used by people of all ages and levels of fitness to heal and prevent injuries, improve sport performance, or in the spirit of joyfully exploring the vastness of human movement potential.

  • $125 for 50 minutes
Rx for Exercise

Whether you’re looking to begin a regular exercise program or you’re already active and want to increase fitness, strength or endurance, our experts can help. An exercise physiologist designs a take-home program based on your goals, interests, time, physical limitations and facilities available. We’ll help you add fun and variety to your fitness regimen. Areas of focus include strength and flexibility, cardio risk-factor reduction, target heart-rate determination, controlling blood pressure or diabetes, weight-training technique, safely beginning or re-starting a fitness program, and exercising with limited lung-function or cardiac problems.

  • $140 for 50 minutes
Target Heart-Rate Determination

Forget those charts in magazines – get an accurate, personalized determination of your target heart-rate and be sure that you’re making the most efficient use of your workout time. An exercise physiologist takes you through a submaximal exercise test that determines your target heart-rate zone, and, if you desire, target zones for interval training. The physiologist then incorporates this information into a customized exercise prescription.

  • $140 for 50 minutes