Inner wisdom is available to each of us; learning how to find it is part of the journey. Metaphysical consultations provide insight and offer intriguing alternate pathways to self-awareness. While you’re at the Ranch, try taking a guided walk within.


A reading of your birth chart offers practical insight about you and your path through life while exploring changes for the upcoming year. Your natal chart – based on date, time and place of birth – contains profoundly accurate information about your personality and issues such as love, career, health, wealth, travel and spirituality. Each reading includes a 12-month forecast, personal archetypes and spiritual paths. A CD recording of your session will be provided

Note: Birth time is desirable but not mandatory.

  • $195 for 50 minutes
Clairvoyant Reading

A safe, secure way to gain more insight into decisions and changes. Reading the energies of your aura can illuminate life experiences and provide clarity and understanding. Clairvoyants have been sharing their intuitive gifts since the beginning of time. A CD recording of your session will be provided.

  • $195 for 50 minutes
Feng Shui

Each space you occupy – your home, office, yard – has a flow of energy called chi. By learning to manipulate chi, you can become more peaceful as well as powerful. Our feng shui practitioner will review your floor plan with you and suggest how simple changes in your space can effect significant changes in your life. A CD recording of your session will be provided.

  • $195 for 50 minutes
Handwriting Analysis

Handwriting analysis allows you to look deeper into your conscious and unconscious beliefs and understand what makes you think and behave the way you do. Through an in-depth analysis of your personality and mental, emotional and physical states, you can make changes to alter your life. Conducted by a certified handwriting analyst and based upon a rich scientific history.

  • $195 for 50 minutes

Numerology is founded on the belief that all things can be viewed as vibrating energy formed into organized patterns. These patterns have a harmonic resonance with numbers that reveal qualities about any living thing. Numbers corresponding to your full birth name and birth date can give insight into your soul’s mission and your life path, as well as current and future trends. Lucky numbers and compatible numbers can also be determined. Your reading will include a synopsis.

  • $195 for 50 minutes
Tarot Card Reading

The archetypal images of the tarot cards reflect our collective unconscious. A tarot reading can offer practical guidance by opening up deeper, non-verbal levels of self-awareness. Insights gained can offer possible alternatives to your present questions. During the session, you will be guided through several interactions with the cards and given an interpretation of their meaning. A CD recording of your session will be provided.

  • $195 for 50 minutes