Musculoskeletal Health

Get an expert assessment and an individualized program to improve the strength and comfort of your bones, muscles and joints from one of our highly experienced fitness and exercise specialists.

Build a Stronger Back

If you suffer from a low-back condition stemming from poor posture, injury, scoliosis, overuse or sprains and strains, these sessions with a physical therapist can be invaluable. Learn how to improve the stability of your back and resume normal movement patterns without pain through a series of exercises.

  • $310 for two 50-minute sessions
Good Posture for Life

Your posture affects how you think and feel and how others perceive you. Good posture is an expression of intrinsic confidence and grace, and it prevents muscular tightness and pain. In this session, your posture and gait are assessed and you receive practical tips and simple movements to practice at home. Your movement therapist may use Pilates, Gyrotonic,® yoga or dance to find the right approach for you. The result: more comfort, less tension, deeper breathing, greater mental clarity and a new spring in your step.

Note: For best results, we recommend a Posture Analysis prior to taking this service.

  • $130 for 50 minutes
Posture Analysis

You can increase energy, decrease pain and help prevent injury through proper posture. An exercise physiologist will assess your posture in detail, and advise you on exercise, internal awareness and proper body alignment.

Note: We recommend that you follow this with Good Posture For Life for best results.

  • $145 for 50 minutes