Customized Program Design

Would you like an exercise program designed by an exercise physiologist and tailored to your preferences, skills, limitations and goals? You’re in the right place!

Advanced Endurance Training

This is the perfect service if you are training for an event, trip or competition. Get custom advice from an exercise physiologist who will assess your training program, take you through appropriate exercises, and give you precise, written instructions to take with you. We can help you improve at virtually any activity. Please dress for exercise.

  • $155 for 50 minutes
Advanced Strength Training

Train under the expert guidance of our PhD- and masters-level exercise physiologists. This service is appropriate for all abilities, from rehabilitating post injury/surgery to highly fit individuals looking to enhance their fitness programs. Sessions are in the Canyon Ranch strength training gym.

  • $155 for 50 minutes
Aquatic Therapy

Water exercise is an excellent way to improve strength, mobility, endurance and flexibility. It can be gentle enough to reduce pain and allow injuries to heal, yet powerful enough to improve cardiorespiratory fitness and muscle function. Your session with a licensed physical therapist can focus on: upper or lower body, trunk/spine, specific areas of weakness, balance, deep-water conditioning (seasonal), or any type of rehabilitation exercise.

  • $155 for 50 minutes
Fitness after 50

Learn to thrive – not just survive – through your later years by becoming and staying active. An exercise physiologist focuses on areas that may include cardiovascular fitness/stamina, muscle mass and strength, core stability, balance, bone density, flexibility and body composition.

  • $155 for 50 minutes
Exercise Physiology Experience

This is an extended service to get real-time feedback during your endurance fitness program. An exercise physiologist will coach and guide you on your long workout, whether it’s a walk, hike, bike ride, swim or run. You’ll learn more about your body’s needs, environmental factors and conditioning – valuable information as you train for your next event or personal goal.

  • $310 for 100 minutes
Exercise For Weight Loss & Body Definition

Fat reduction and muscle definition are achievable goals. Meet with an exercise physiologist to design a customized exercise program that will optimize your exercise time, maximize metabolism, increase lean body mass, enhance muscle and promote weight loss.

  • $155 for 50 minutes
Rx For Exercise

Whether you’re looking to kick-start a regular exercise program or you’re already active and want to increase fitness, strength or endurance, our experts can help. An exercise physiologist designs a take-home program based on your goals, interests, time, physical limitations and facilities available.

  • $155 for 50 minutes
Specialized Needs Training

If you live with a chronic condition like osteoporosis, arthritis, fibromyalgia, scoliosis, orthopedic problems, neurological disease, balance disorders or stroke, a specially designed fitness program can improve your quality of life. Meet with a physical therapist and learn exercises and activity guidelines appropriate for you.

Note: If you experience limitations in more than one area, we recommend two sessions.

  • $155 for 50 minutes
Target Heart Rate Determination

Forget those charts in magazines – get an accurate, personalized determination of your target heart rate and be sure that you’re making the most efficient use of your workout time. An exercise physiologist takes you through a submaximal exercise test that determines your target heart rate zone, then incorporates this information into a customized exercise prescription.

  • $155 for 50 minutes
Women's Health & Exercise

Because women’s bodies undergo so many changes throughout life, their fitness routines need to change. An exercise physiologist can help you establish the proper exercise program for your present needs. Issues may include safe prenatal and postnatal exercise, pelvic-floor strengthening, bone health and osteoporosis prevention, body composition and cardiovascular risk control.

  • $155 for 50 minutes