Comprehensive Exercise Assessment

Explore your fitness level and learn how you can make improvements in your exercise program.

Part I – Whether you exercise regularly for fitness or are devoted to a sport, you can benefit from an expert analysis of your exercise program. Assessments, which may include aerobic capacity, muscle strength and endurance, flexibility, agility and body composition by skinfolds, will be chosen based on your level of fitness, exercise history and goals. 50 minutes.

Part II – An exercise physiologist reviews your test results with you and designs an individual program fine-tuned to your fitness level and goals. 50 minutes.

Note: We recommend that you book this service prior to arrival. This service is for apparently healthy people with no major risk factors for vascular or heart disease. Men over 45 and women over 55 need to speak with a Program Advisor about American College of Sports Medicine guidelines for taking this test. You may need to take a Cardiac Stress Test first with a physician. If you are an experienced exerciser or competitive athlete, you may want to explore ways to improve your peak performance by doing a Metabolic Exercise Assessment.

Service Option 
$280 for Parts I and II