Couples Spa Treatments

Couples Spa Treatments at Canyon Ranch

Share the Canyon Ranch experience with someone special with side-by-side massages and body treatments. These sessions are perfect for couples, friends or family members who want treatments together as two therapists use two side-by-side tables.

Prices listed are for two people.

Authentic Aromatherapy Treatment – Two-By-Two

50/80 minutes
Enjoy an all-natural, sense-seducing escape from the everyday world. Nourish the skin, eliminate toxins and strengthen the immune system while establishing equilibrium of mind, body and spirit. This fragrant, full-body treatment using pure botanical essences is the ultimate healthy pleasure. Just breathe.

  • Mon - Wed $380/590
    Thurs - Sun $400/610
Canyon Ranch Massage – Two-By-Two

50/80 minutes
Relieve muscle tension and promote relaxation with our signature full-body massage; our therapists adapt their eclectic techniques so you get the massage that’s right for you. Indulgent and utterly relaxing.

  • Mon - Wed $330/530
    Thurs - Sun $350/550
Canyon Stone Massage – Two-By-Two

80 minutes
The healing power of the earth is in your therapist’s hands with warm, smooth, rounded basalt stones. The weight and radiant warmth of the stones, combined with calming essential oils, penetrates muscle tissue, inducing deep relaxation without overheating. Even the tightest muscles let go completely. It feels so good.

  • Mon - Wed $580
    Thurs - Sun $600
Deep Tissue Massage – Two-By-Two

50/80 minutes
Feel the need for a really deep massage? Put yourself in our expert therapists’ hands for an intensive massage experience focused on releasing deep muscle layers. This is the ultimate muscle meltdown.

  • Mon - Wed $370/580
    Thurs - Sun $390/600
Facial For Two
50 minutes
These sessions are perfect for couples or friends who want treatments together. Two therapists and two tables are used during these services. Relax and enjoy!
  • Mon - Wed $330
    Thurs - Sun $350
Rasul Ceremony – Two-By-Two

50 minutes
Cleanse and purify your body in our exquisite, ornately tiled steam chamber designed for your comfort and pleasure. Smooth rare, purifying muds on your skin or your partner’s and relax in gently warmed thrones as bursts of herbal steam surround you. Indulge your senses with this unique experience alone or with someone special.

  • Mon - Wed $200
    Thurs - Sun $210