Get The Most From Your Massage

Take Time
Give yourself plenty of time before your massage so you can relax throughly in the warming environments of Aquavana® thermal suite.  Warm muscles benefit most from bodywork.

A warm shower just before your massage washes off any salts, minerals or chemicals that could clog pores when mixed with massage oils. After your shower, put on your robe and take some time in the relaxation lounge.

(Un)dress the part
Unless the service description specifies that your massage is received clothed, undress completely and wear just a robe to your massage. You will be able to take your robe off and cover yourself in privacy. You will be draped with a sheet 
throughout the service. For services that are received clothed, shorts and a T-shirt are ideal.

Talk with your therapist
Before your massage begins, tell your therapist which areas you would like to focus on, and any areas to be avoided. During your massage, let the therapist know if you feel any discomfort. Communication is the key to getting the massage you want.

“Deeper” doesn’t necessarily mean “better”
Our superb body work staff is eclectic, multitalented and devoted to giving you a massage that will satisfy your needs. Please communicate with your therapist and allow the therapist to “listen” to your body

Close your eyes and allow your mind and body to be quiet. Focus on how you feel. Breathe deeply and let tension slip away with each breath. Remember, this time is for you. Revisit Aquavana® thermal suite to complete your experience.

Note: We use fragrance-free massage oil; lotion is available upon request.