Body Treatments & Scrubs

Luxurious products and soothing techniques create ultimate pampering for your skin.

Body Thermal
50 minutes
Enjoy total ease as you take in the benefits of a papaya enzyme body masque enhanced with steam and followed by a pulsating shower, all within our thermal steam capsule.
  • Mon - Wed $180
    Thurs - Sun $190
Rasul Ceremony
50 minutes
Cleanse and purify your body in our exquisite, ornately tiled steam chamber designed for your comfort and pleasure. Smooth rare, purifying muds on your skin or your partner’s and relax in gently warmed thrones as bursts of herbal steam surround you. Indulge your senses with this unique experience alone or with someone special.
  • Mon - Wed $165
    Thurs - Sun $175
    Couples Mon - Wed $200
    Couples Thurs - Sun $210
Seventh Heaven

80 minutes
Experience luxury in this all-over hydrating body treatment that features exclusive ingredients from the sea to help reverse the signs of time and dissolve tension as you are gently exfoliated, stretched and massaged.

  • Mon - Wed $290
    Thurs - Sun $300

50 minutes
Let go completely as you float almost weightlessly in our cocooning envelopment bed. Light exfoliation is followed by a moisturizing treatment of your choice.
Choose from: Contouring . Detoxifying . Moisturizing

  • Mon - Wed $180
    Thurs - Sun $190
Healing Cocoon

80 minutes
A unique, therapeutic ayurvedic body wrap that relaxes the mind and heals the body. Exfoliation with fragrant natural products enriched with essential oils starts the purification process, followed by a deep-cleansing masque and scalp massage. Your treatment finishes with a moisturizing application.

  • Mon - Wed $290
    Thurs - Sun $300
Ultra-Nourishing Cocoon

100 minutes
Treat yourself to the nourishing qualities of argan oil, renowned for its ability to hydrate and soften the skin.  After a gentle exfoliation, you’ll be wrapped comfortably in our warm envelopment bed. A blissful massage seals in the benefits.

  • Mon - Wed $335
    Thurs - Sun $345
Conditioning Body Scrubs

50/100 minutes
Treat your skin to a scrub that leaves it feeling soft and velvety smooth. Choose from five different treatments featuring natural products attuned to sensitive, normal or dry skin. For the ultimate in relaxation, select the 100-minute service and complete the experience with a full-body massage. Total indulgence! 

Choose from:
Mango Sugar Glo – This conditioning, fruit-infused body scrub moisturizes dry, sensitive skin and leaves it glowing.
Island Paradise – Feed your skin the natural benefits of a delicious scrub enriched with vitamins and natural tropical antioxidants.
Supplifying – A truly invigorating ayurvedic exfoliating treatment enriched with omega-3-rich flaxseed oil to nourish, and antioxidant-rich rooibos tea to protect. Revel in the glow of health.
Energizing – Awaken your senses with an enlivening treatment using a stimulating, detoxifying blend of nature’s best ingredients. Polish away dull, dry skin to reveal your natural glow while essential oils refresh your spirit.
  • Mon - Wed $180/335
    Thurs - Sun $190/345
Mixology Scrub

50/100 minutes
Select from certified organic nutrients and body butter from our Mixology Blending Bar to complement your salt or sugar scrub.

  • Mon - Wed $200/355
    Thurs - Sun $210/365