Total comfort and beauty for hard-working feet.

Balancing Foot Veil
80 minutes
Balance your doshas and relax from the soles up as your feet and lower legs are soothed and stimulated by a classic ayurvedic pedicure using natural products.
  • Mon - Wed $150
    Thurs - Sun $155
Endless Energy Pedicure
80 minutes
Relieve tired, achy legs and feet with this remineralizing pedicure. Includes an exfoliation, self-heating mud masque and a cooling gel treatment.
  • Mon - Wed $130
    Thurs - Sun $135
Spa Pedicure
50 minutes
A revitalizing pedicure designed to perk up even the most overtaxed feet. Gentle exfoliation is followed by a cooling masque and an intense moisturizing complex that aids in the repair of dry, cracked skin.
  • Mon - Wed $80
    Thurs - Sun $85
Bellino Pedicure
50 minutes
Take your senses on a journey with this customizable pedicure. Indulge in a luxurious treatment with a menu of fragrances for your indulgent soak. Afterward, your pretty feet will thank you!
  • Mon - Wed $100
    Thurs - Sun $105
Seasonal Pedicure
50 minutes
With every season comes a new palate of sensory delights. In this treatment, a soothing soak will revitalize your feet while you escape into the fragrance of the season. This is followed with an exfoliation, masque and moisturizing application.
  • Mon - Wed $100
    Thurs - Sun $105
Toes On The Go
30 minutes
A classic groom and polish for feet in a hurry.
  • Mon - Wed $65
    Thurs - Sun $70