Food & Nutrition

Food & Nutrition Consultations at Las Vegas SpaClub

Learn the proven Canyon Ranch approach to healthy weight maintenance. Integrating our leading-edge metabolic and mind-body nutrition strategies into your life can help you achieve and sustain a healthy weight. A registered dietitian assesses your current diet, eating patterns and lifestyle factors and provides customized advice about meeting your metabolic needs.

Diabetes Meal Planning
80 minutes
Meet with a registered dietitian for recommendations on controlling your blood sugar through meal planning. The consultation includes an overview of diabetes and the major nutrients that affect blood sugar levels, a review of your current dietary habits and planning to help keep your diabetes under control.
  • $160 - 7 days a week
Fastest Meals Imaginable
50 minutes
Want to eat well, but don’t have time to cook? You won’t believe how many tips and strategies we have to fix that! You’ll receive a complete Canyon Ranch guide to express meals and quick snack ideas, including dozens of recipes and a shopping list.
  • $110 - 7 days a week
Lifetime Nutrition Consultation
50 minutes
Optimize your energy, enhance your vitality and maximize your health potential by improving the way you eat. Meet with a registered dietitian who assesses your lifestyle, preferences and goals in order to help you optimize your food choices and eating patterns. Take home suggestions designed with both health and convenience in mind.

Topics include:
  • Dining Out, Ordering In & Travel Tips
  • Eating for Energy
  • Healthy Pregnancy & Breast-Feeding
  • Kids & Food
  • Maximizing Your Metabolism
  • Multivitamins for Multitasking Lifestyles
  • “Quick Fixes”– Express Foods & Snacks
  • Vegetarian Needs
  • $110 - 7 days a week
Menus by Design

50 minutes
The ultimate in menu design. A Canyon Ranch registered dietitian assesses your needs, lifestyle and goals, then produces a tasty, balanced, customized menu cycle, complete with recipes, to meet your individual nutritional needs and food preferences. Your custom menus may address medical conditions like insulin resistance, diabetes or heart disease; food allergies or sensitivities; healthy weight-management; eating for optimal health and well-being; or any other concerns you may have.

Note: Cost includes initial consultation with a nutritionist only. Final cost varies depending on the length and complexity of the menu.

  • fees vary
Power Lunch

80 minutes
Receive a nutrition consultation, then get answers to your questions about food from a registered dietitian while you enjoy a delicious lunch together at Canyon Ranch Grill.™ What better way to practice your new skills in making better food choices?

Note: Cost of lunch is included

  • $195 - 7 days a week
Healthy Weight at Home
30 minutes
Receive ongoing nutritional guidance by phone to support your personalized program.
  • $50 - 7 days a week
Healthy Weight In-Depth
80 minutes
Do you struggle with weight issues? Get an in-depth assessment, fresh ideas and recommendations for lasting, real-world weight loss and maintenance.
  • $160 - 7 days a week
Healthy Weight Tune-Up
50 minutes
Recommended if you are already in the process of achieving healthy weight and are interested in the latest information and continued nutritional coaching.
  • $110 - 7 days a week