Here's a collection of testimonial videos - what our guests are saying about Canyon Ranch:

Steve D. – Came back for new experiences
"An amazing escape"

Stacy – Frequent guest
“A complete mind-body connection”

Lori – Weight Loss Program guest
"A life-changing experience"

John – Came with his wife
"An opportunity to explore new things"

Brigitte – First-Time Guest
"Feeling really empowered"

Steve – Focused on Getting Healthy
“Not a cookie-cutter kind of place”

Roberta – Marathon Runner
"I realized my goal"

Alan – Athletic Guest
"I was amazed"

Avery – College Student
"It's nice to escape"

Mimi – Moving Through Grief
"I felt excited about life again"

Nancy – LPGA Tour Champion
“I feel a lot healthier already”

Stephen & Alexis – Avid Hikers
“It jump-starts the year”

Dana – Brought her Husband
"He pouts when I come here without him"

Rachael – Discovered Ballet
“I found a new passion”

Nancy – Return Guest
“I love the lectures”

Michael – Avid Cyclist
“This should be on your bucket list”

Jo – Comes for Relaxation
“Puts me back in focus”

Ed – First-Time Guest
“Carry home what you’re taught”

Jeanne – Likes Integrative Approach
“I choose to come here for my health care”

Molly – Vacationed with Family
“It’s kept me young!”

Sandra – Return Guest
“The best gift you can give yourself”

Don – Fitness Enthusiast/Solo Traveler
“I’ve made it a way of life”

Jeff – ER Physician
"It's a different approach here"

Amy – Long-Time Guest
“I love the passion for excellence here”

Alyce – Long-Time Guest
“You get nourished”

Phyllis – Long-Time Guest
"I look forward to every minute"

Laine – Life Enhancement Center Guest
"The Life Enhancement Center is a true gift"

Dennis – Celebrated Anniversary with Family
"There's something for everyone"

Betsy – On Weight Loss
"It changed me"

Rose – Long-Time Lenox Guest
"It sticks with me for several months after"

Martha – Loves the Seasons in Lenox
“It's so exhilarating!”

Roberta – Solo Traveler
"I fell hard for Canyon Ranch"