Executive Health Program

Comprehensive, integrative health assessment for the best in preventive care

The early detection of disease and health risk factors can prevent long-term health consequences. The Executive Health Program at Canyon Ranch is a science-based state-of-the art health assessment that offers an entirely new level of sophistication and thoroughness.

Corporate Medical Director Mark Liponis, MD, explains the program:

In a relaxed, focused environment, you’ll be an active participant in your health care, working with a physician and your integrative health team to develop a plan that fits your lifestyle and specific wellness goals. This detailed, comprehensive program includes extensive diagnostic evaluation, risk-factor analysis and preventive strategies, which you’ll begin to put into practice while enjoying your stay at Canyon Ranch.

Our classic Executive Health Program requires a stay of four or more nights. A concentrated version of this program can be completed in two days with any stay of two or more nights. Regardless of which option you choose, your Executive Health Program package includes pre-arrival interviews and the following:

  • Initial consultation with a Nurse Educator and Program Advisor.
  • 75-minute comprehensive history and physical by your personal EHP physician.
  • Nutrition consultation focused on your personal history and goals.
  • Exercise physiology consultation with personalized exercise prescription.
  • Healthy lifestyle consultation with a licensed therapist.
  • Resting and exercise EKGs including cardiometabolic stress test with a physician.
  • Comprehensive diagnostic laboratory testing.
  • Hearing and spirometry (pulmonary function) testing.
  • Binder with test results and comprehensive recommendations.
  • On-site wrap-up session with a Nurse Educator to evaluate current health status, answer questions and summarize plan.
  • Follow-up summary letter with final test results and recommendations.
  • 25-minute phone follow-up at home with your EHP physician for a progress report and to answer questions and plan further diagnostics and follow-up.

When you choose the concentrated two-night EHP, your package includes a DEXA bone density and body composition.

When you choose our classic (four or more nights) EHP, your comprehensive package includes additional medical services and allows for the opportunity to experience more of Canyon Ranch with its many healthy pleasures – more than 40 daily activities and classes, exciting outdoor adventures, relaxing spa treatments and much more. Your additional services include:

  • Non-invasive cardiovascular profile assessment.
  • Cognitive and memory assessment.
  • DEXA body composition.
  • 50-minute follow-up with your EHP physician to review and summarize test results and recommendations.
  • Private mind-body personal training (yoga, tai chi, qi gong, meditation).

With either option, you will take home the tools, knowledge and expert planning for a healthy future. Ranch professionals are available for phone consultations after your visit, and are happy to confer with your physician or other healthcare expert at home.

Special Offer – free nights.

If you choose to add the classic four-night Executive Health Program to your Canyon Ranch package stay of three or more nights, we’ll add two free nights.

Add the concentrated version of the Executive Health Program to your Canyon Ranch package stay of two or more nights, and we’ll give you one additional night free.

Note: Off-site diagnostic testing can be scheduled. Charges for tests done outside Canyon Ranch are the responsibility of the guest and are to be paid to the provider who performs the tests. Insurance information and credit cards should be brought to the testing facility.

Service Option 
$5,465 4-day package (in addition to the cost of your stay)
$4,355 2-day package (in addition to the cost of your stay)