Canyon Ranch SpaClub – Las Vegas

If you’re looking for a tranquil, stress-free, away-from-it-all getaway, you might think of mountains, ocean or desert. You probably don’t envision Las Vegas right away – but why not? The serene environment you crave is in the heart of The Strip in beautiful, all-healthy Canyon Ranch SpaClub®.

A SpaClub visit is the best counterpoint to the exciting, nonstop commotion that is Las Vegas. You can disappear for hours at a time or for a whole day to savor the serenity, get a good workout or enjoy your favorite Canyon Ranch massages.

There’s never any rush or worry as you explore our Aquavana® thermal suite, melting away all tension in soaking tubs, experiential cabins and aquatic pleasures. In the co-ed relaxation area, you might recline under the domed ceiling of the Wave Room and reflect on the watery ripples projected overhead. Then you could visit the Salt Grotto to inhale the sea air. Or you might just linger in the Conservatory, with its soothing music, intimate seating and refreshing teas. Your SpaClub experience is just what you need to unwind in a busy city. And you can always come back the next day.