Yoga - Old & New

If you could travel back through the centuries, you’d find people practicing yoga in much the same way they do today. The mind-body benefits have stood the test of time, and yoga remains popular around the world – and at Canyon Ranch. Guests at Tucson, Lenox, Miami Beach and Las Vegas love the range of classes and expert instruction that helps them explore this invaluable discipline. Popular classes include breathing, meditation, restorative yoga and more. Plus, there’s always something new to learn.

Without straying from its basic tenets, the experts at Canyon Ranch in Tucson have created yoga classes to appeal to different preferences and personalities. Here are some of the exciting new classes you can explore during your next Tucson visit.

  • Knead Yoga - a popular, vigorous flow class using foam rollers for self-massage and fascia release.
  • Rock Your Flow - features familiar vinyasa (flow) movements set to contemporary music.
  • Yoga for a Healthy Back - a targeted class suitable for any level.
  • Suspension Yoga - an advanced class that incorporates TRX® suspension equipment to add elevation and challenge stability.
  • Chair Yoga - for people who are not comfortable with a floor practice or who have mobility concerns.