Destination Resorts – Tucson, Arizona

Amazing Sculptures from Kenya – Growl, Snort, Roar!

Tucson guests love spotting exotic wildlife on property – javelinas, roadrunners, lizards, wildebeests … wait, what? Yes, wildebeests have popped up around the property, along with a rhino, a lion, a zebra and other surprises. These amazing sculptures are the work of Kioko Mwitiki, the internationally renowned Kenyan sculptor who creates enchanting creatures using environmentally sustainable and recycled materials. The artist has a strong commitment to conservation and cultural/economic development, and a part of the proceeds from any sales in Tucson will fund the Foundation for Women’s microcredit programs, lending small amounts of money at low interest to new businesses in the developing world. (To inquire about artwork, call Ann Lovell at 520-577-3622.)

On your next trip to Tucson, take an art safari around the Ranch and see how many animals you spot. (Hint: Don’t miss the life-size giraffe next to the Flagstone Pool.)